This series represents a shift from traditional thermoplastics to advanced thermoset plastics, encompassing both hard (bakelite/BMC) and soft (liquid silicone) processes. The LSR machine integrates a specialized liquid silicone injection unit with the SKII platform, offering high precision and stability. It's designed for efficient, precise material blending, vulcanization, and solidification, meeting the dynamic needs of modern markets with improved product yield.
More Efficient

More Professional

Customized Design

Standard pneumatic injection nozzle
Water-cooled pneumatic injection nozzle - prevents liquid silicone leakage, and prevents the mold temperature from being transmitted to nozzle and resulting in curing reaction of mixed LSR in the nozzle.
Mixing screw for silicone
- Mixed compounds at the front end of the screw to ensure the fully blending of components A and B while eliminating phenomena such as adhesion, yellowing, or blackening;
- Sensitive seal rings are used as the adaptation to the high liquidity of silicone resin to reduce leakage during injection start-up and injection.
Temperature control for mold heating
- Visualized built-in mold temperature control to facilitate emperature adjusting;
- Separate connecting socket for each set of heating unit for the convenience of customers.
Standard pneumatic 2-piece filter and air gun fittings
User friendly design for easy connection to the air gun and silicone feeder on site
Auxiliary Equipment - YIZUMI liquid silicone feeder
- Fully pneumatic secondary metering system, energy efficient and pollution free;
- Manual correction of A/B material component ratio. Ratio error less than 3%;
- Maintenance free design - silicone leakage free, less waste;
- Uniform color mixing with no flow marks,high repetition accuracy.

Industry Application

Relevant Recommendation
Relevant Products
Relevant Technologies
SKⅢ Series General Purpose Injection Molding Machine

SKⅢ Series General Purpose Injection Molding Machine

The SKⅢ series offers efficiency, energy savings, stability, and user experience. With SK/A5 platform interchangeability and continual optimization, it's the top choice for small to medium-sized machines. Clamping forces range from 900 to 10,000 kN.
UPVC & PPR Series Special Injection Molding Machine For Pipe Fitting

UPVC & PPR Series Special Injection Molding Machine For Pipe Fitting

The series' capability to produce complex pipe fittings with high precision makes it ideal for both UPVC and PPR applications, catering to the evolving needs of the plumbing and construction industries. UPVC series clamping forces from 2,000 to 7,500 kN. PPR series clamping forces from 1,600 to 2,6000 kN.
PET Series Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine

PET Series Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine

YIZUMI's SKII-V-PET Series, a second-gen PET preform solution using the IPD model, excels in speed, professionalism, and efficiency. Leading in China for plasticizing efficiency, it offers diverse preform types. Superior technical performance makes it the top choice in PET preform injection molding. Clamping forces: 1,200-6,500 kN.
Optimized clamping unit

Optimized clamping unit

1. The upgraded clamping unit can provide larger clamping force, better facilitating the molding of thin-wall and deep-cavity products. 2. Platen, tie bars and machine frame of better mechanical properties can better improve the rigidity of the whole machine and reduce deformation. 3. The rigidity of overall mold locking is increased by more than 25%.

Service Process

Process/Mold Analyse and Design
  • Raw materials selection
  • Product design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design suggestion
Equipment Selection Suggestions
  • Product performance
  • Product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety requirements
Whole Plant Planning Advice
  • Planning of production line
  • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
  • Peripheral automation
  • Smart connection
Delivery Solutions
  • Professional installation and debugging
  • On-site operation training
  • Molding process training
After Sales Solutions
  • YFO services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device upgrade
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